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Was read to me 26th September '18

The Itchy-saurus: The dino with an itch that can't be scratched
Author: Rosie Wellesley
A silly story about a dino that gets T-Rex-cema. A happy dinosaur at the start of the story gets a horrible itch that he can't reach with his tiny arms. He gets all roary and stompy but a kind platypus comes to help out. Nice pictures and kind characters this was a good but, it would be perfect for a child who suffers from Eczema themselves.

Was read to me 24th September '18

Usborne First Experiences Going To School
Author: Anna Civardi Illustrator: Stephen Cartwright
My daughter has just started school and this book had really helped her have a smooth start. It is the story of 3 children as they begin their first days at school. It shows dropping off, pickingup and all the activities that children might get up to at school. With bright and busy pictures it was perfect to show before starting reception class. 

Was read to me 23rd September '18

Author: Jeanne Willis Illustrator: Briony May Smith
My daughter and I liked this book, though my husband thought it was a bit sickly-sweet. The girl in this one wishes someone would call her a star like her big sister, her grandad tells her the story of the big bang and how everyone is a little bit of a star. I liked showing my daughter the last double page which shows the girl grown up as an astronaut with newspaper clippings and graduation photos tacked to the wall. A kinds of message of if you try you can be anything you want. 

Was read to me 23rd September '18

Spike: The Hedgehog Who Lost His Prickles
Author: Jeanne Willis Illustrator: Jarvis
A very funny book that my daughter giggled at a lot. Poor spike tries everything to cover up the fact that he has no prickles. We liked the rhyming story and the thought that has gone into the illustrationsincluding a map on the end pages. A very enjoyable and silly book. 

Was read to me 23rd September '18

Follow the Track All the Way Back
Author: Timothy Knapman Illustrator: Ben Mantle
We loved the beautiful pictures in this story as the train rides through different places. You get to see snowy mountains, rivers and the sea in really pretty illustrations with lots to see. The story is pretty simple but has nice train sounds and a happy ending.