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Was read to me 21st January '19

Ambulance, Ambulance!
Author: Sally Sutton Illustrator: Brian Lovelock
This seems like a good book to introduce what paramedics and ambulance crews do in an emergency. A child has had an accident on a bike and needs a trip to hospital. Lots to look at in the picture backgrounds, fire crews and police too. I loved that there are both male and female characters in all the scenes, fire fighters, police officers, doctors and paramedics all have a mix of both. 

Was read to me 21st January '19

You Make Me Happy
Author: Smriti Prasadam-Halls Illustrator: Alison Brown
This was a very sweet book that my 5 year old enjoyed a lot. She gave me lots of hugs afterwards and talked about the people that made her happy. Fox and hedgehog are friends who seem to do all sorts together. The illustrations show them playing throughout the year in all the seasons and is a real feel good book about having a friend and being loved. 

Was read to me 21st January '19

I Love My Dinosaur
Author: Giles Andreae Illustrator: Emma Dodd
A nicely illustrated book about a boy and his friendly dino. The story shows us what they get up to during their day, school, painting, stories, baking. A lovely books about friends. 

Was read to me 21st January '19

The Variety of Life
Author: Nicola Davies Illustrator: Lorna Scobie
This is an absolutely beautiful book, the watercolour pictures must have taken a long time to do and are beautifully bright and vibrant. My oldest sat and listened to all the info on animals and really loved the illustrations while my 2 year old flicked through pointing out ones she knew and saying 'wow' a lot! 

Was read to me 17th January '19

The Usborne Big Book of Big Trucks
Author: Megan Cullis
Both my girls have loved this book, with amazing big machines like snow blowers and train transporters. The fold out pages are huge and got lots of wow's from my girls. 

I think the description of the book here on Toppsta needs to be changed though, my daughter's love the book and they are not 'machine mad boys'. Perhaps it could be changed to 'children'?