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Was read to me 4th May '18

i-SPY Butterflies and Moths: What Can You Spot?
Author: i-SPY
This was a very interesting pocket sized book all the children enjoyed this it was a book we took with us when we were travelling and it was quick to read and very convenient. Fab book for fans of nature of butterfly's. Anaya is a big fan. 

Was read to me 4th November '17

I'm Starting School: First Day: Wipe-clean book with pen
Author: Pat-a-Cake Illustrator: Becky Down
wow i have to begin with i won this book in a toppsta giveaway for my little one and would highly recommend. I have even purchased others in the collection. Since having the book my little one has managed to be able to write his own name in the space provided as well as trace over words in the book all of which he found difficult before using the book. What was really good was the wipe away this built his confidence as any time he made an error by writing the wrong letter or writing it incorrectly he wiped it away and restarted whereas before he would stop and be concerned about all his mistakes. There are a range of words that can be traced and a box area for the children to practice their own names. Highly recommended !! my little one is 4 who used this book ::)
Very interactive and enjoyable for him

Was read to me 30th September '17

Cars 3: Phonics (Ages 4-5)
Author: Scholastic
This was a great book i wanted to win this for my little one as he is a big cars fan especially after the release of the third. He has been using the book and practising his phonics it is one that i would highly use myself and recommend for other parents to get the book itself is very interactive and got him involved in his practice after school 

Was read to me 26th June '17

Convertible: Race Car
Author: Amy Johnson
This is a top book after two weeks of not writing the review every single day the little one has played with it and he is still not bored. The book itself is very creative and has an innovative idea. It is a convertible car and also a race track as well as a book. Defiantly appealing to both my boys. The colours used and concept in the story is also beautifully set. Overall it was a very good book.

Was read to me 1st June '17

Dear Zoo
Author: Rod Campbell
Dear zoo was a book I read to all the kids it is very interactive and a quick one for before bed. It involves flaps so it is very engaging and makes sure the kids are alert. Would defineilty recommend