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Favourite book EVER is Harry Potter and Any Roald Dahl
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I read this book 1st August '16

Strawberry Sisters: Especially Amelia
Author: Candy Harper
This looks like it could be a very exciting series of books.  This one was delightful it is about friendship and sisters and Sophie enjoyed reading it. She can't wait for the others. 

Was read to me 22nd June '16

Author: Roald Dahl Illustrator: Quentin Blake
This book and author are a favorite of mine and my 12 year old daughter. The BFG is an absolutely delightful book about a little Girl named Sophie who is taken from her bed by a Giant. 
Lucky for her he's the most gentlest, kindest but daftest Giant she could meet. 
It's full of weird and wonderful concoctions. 
Ever heard of a snozzcumber? Neither had Sophie until she met the BFG. She has to persuade Queen Elizabeth to help her get rid of the bad giants.