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I read this book 3rd December '18

Doctor Who: The Secret in Vault 13
Author: David Solomons
I love watching Dr Who on TV so was so happy to read this book, it is just like the television programme and there is lots going on in the book.  It is a very exciting story  with lots of action. I really hope that there are going to be some more of these books!

I read this book 2nd April '18

Home Lab: Exciting Experiments for Budding Scientists
Author: Robert Winston
This book is brilliant, when it arrived I looked at every page to decide which experiment to do first, there was no contest, it had to be the slime! I then pestered my mummy to help me make a large quantity of red slime, I made a lot of mess in the kitchen but it was so much fun! I now have a big tub of slime to play with.  There are so many cool things to make and experiment with in this book and I have been deciding which ones I am going to try out in the Easter holidays.  I have had some science books before, but I think this one really is the best.

I read this book 14th April '17

Author: Guy Bass Illustrator: Lee Robinson
I was very happy to win this book from Toppsta.  When the book came. I thought the cover was really colourful and fun and it really made me want to read the book.  Inside some of it is like a comic strip which I really like, it is cool as you can read a small amount at a time, which suits me best. There is a lot of action, and spy missions in the story, and the dinosaur characters are awesome! I really enjoyed reading this book, and hope to read another spynosaur adventure soon.

I read this book 7th February '17

The LEGO (R) BATMAN MOVIE The Essential Guide
Author: Julia March
This is a really cool book, I really like Batman and I want to see the movie now.  There are lots of colour pictures in the book and information about the characters and places.  I thought it was quite easy to read and I enjoyed it very much

I read this book 28th January '17

Mars: The Red Planet: Rocks, Rovers, Pioneers, and More!
Author: Elizabeth Carney
This book is really good, I am enjoying it.  I like reading about Mars and have learnt lots of new things from this book, there are loads of cool pictures and facts in it.  Did you know it sort of snows on Mars? I didn't know this either.  I think I will look at this book many times as there is always something new to learn, from it.