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Was read to me 5th December '16

Merry Christmas, Blue Kangaroo!
Author: Emma Chichester Clark
I read this with my 3 year old son who loved the story. The little blue kangaroo that came with it was a lovely addition. He really enjoyed the Christmassy story and talking about all the Christmas activities blue kangaroo got up to. He now wants to read more in the blue kangaroo series! 

Was read to me 14th November '16

Bumpus Jumpus Dinosaurumpus
Author: Tony Mitton Illustrator: Guy Parker-Rees
My 3 year old son originally borrowed this book from nursery for the week. We read it so much over that week that I bought him his own copy. We loved reading this book and my son loved reading the repeated lines at the end of every other page. We had great fun making up dance moves for the different dinosaur dances. Would highly recommend 

Was read to me 14th November '16

The Chicken That Hatched a Cow!
Author: Adam Bestwick Illustrator: Claire Evans
My 4 year old son giggles his way through this book. The rhyming helped with the story and the great illustrations kept him engaged. We had great fun trying to guess what was in the egg and had a good chat about what animals hatch from eggs when we finished the book! Have now read several times at his request! 

Was read to me 6th November '16

Peppa Pig: My Daddy
Author: Peppa Pig
My 2 children loved reading this book with their Daddy. 
They found it really funny when Daddy Pig did silly things, especially his DIY disaster! 
Love the books in this series and have also read Mummy Pig and Granny Pig

Was read to me 6th November '16

Happy Hooves: Yuk!
Author: Anna Bogie Illustrator: Rebecca Elliott
My 3 year old really enjoyed this book. The lovely illustrations and short paragraphs really helped him engage with the story.
We loved the rhyming and the story was funny with all the different animals and their different likes. We were glad that pig found the perfect treat for his friends at the end.