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Was read to me 25th May '16

Little Rex and the Big Roar
Author: Ruth Symes Illustrator: Sean Julian
Little Rex has got a big roar!! 
Rex loves to roar - his brothers and sister love it but his Mam and dad hate it! They keep saying "Too loud!" haha! :) One day his siblings are taking a nap so his Mam tells him no more Roaring - so he goes off to play with his friends. From the top of a hill he can see his family napping.... And a Pterodactyl flying straight for them!  He has to save them. He runs faster then he's ever run before and does his biggest, loudest roar. Rex is a hero!  :-)
The kids thought this was a great story - pictures are fab and they thought it was funny when the mam and dad kept saying too loud because that's what  I say!! Brilliant, have read a few times already :)

Was read to me 21st May '16

A Rumpus in the Night
Author: Nick Ward Illustrator: Nick Ward
Jamie wakes up in the middle of the night after having a scary dream- and he finds a little monster from his dream is in his bedroom! At first Jamie is scared but then we learn that the monster - Rumpus - is the one who actually scared. Jamie needs to get Rumpus back home but he must go back to sleep - but he's not tired anymore. They get up to loads of things and in the end Rumpus is having so much fun he doesn't want to leave but Jamie is so tired.... 
When we first read this book my LO was a little frightened by the first page when the monster says 'I'm going to get you' but we carried on and he did enjoy the book in the end. Lovely pictures-We chose this book because my LO liked the front cover. I would maybe read this book during the day for the first time of reading :) 

Was read to me 21st May '16

Detective Ted
There's a Mystery at Edward's house - cookies are going missing!! 
Edward becomes Detective Ted, he needs to follow the clues to find out who is behind this serious crime :)
Fantastic book, pages are filled with great pictures, loads to talk about with the kids. We really enjoyed reading this book, some nice rhymes and the kids thought it was really funny in places :)

Was read to me 13th May '16

The Chimpanzees of Happy Town
Author: Giles Andreae Illustrator: Guy Parker-Rees
A beautiful, rhyming story about spreading cheer and positivity to everyone :)
The story starts off in a place called Drabsville and everything looks the same - dark and grey and everyone was sad. Until one day chutney arrived with a seed to grow!!  The mayor did not want change and threw chutney in jail- a boy and girl decided to love and nature his seed - Love, hope, strength and happiness was soon spread and the town was renamed Happy town - We love how colourful and beautiful this story became and everyone was happy (The story reminded me a little of The Lorax) 
Love the rhyming text, illustrations and story -Fantastic all round :)

Was read to me 13th May '16

The Amazing Dinosaur Detectives: Amazing facts, myths and quirks of the dinosaur world
Author: Maggie Li
What a fantastic fun book filled with fab facts! The book is great quality - the pages are jam-packed with loads of info and brilliant pictures - the kids absolutely loved this book - really engaging with lots of stuff to talk about. I love the way the book is set out - throughly enjoyable - It wasn't only the kids who were learning new facts too!
Brilliant - 5 stars from my dinosaur detectives :)