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I read this book 7th September '18

Boy Underwater
Author: Adam Baron
A moving story different to what I would usually read but I really enjoyed it. It did sometimes make me feel sad and I'm pleased I read the book with my mum, so we could talk about the issues raised. I would recommend this book to my friends.

I read this book 22nd June '18

Flamingo Boy
Author: Michael Morpurgo
Another great book by Michael Morpurgo, beautifully written. I would recommend this book to friends who like a story set in the past. 

I read this book 9th July '17

See You in the Cosmos
Author: Jack Cheng
i enjoyed the book. However it was different to books i would normally read. Alex was a interesting character. I would recommended it to my friends who are interested in space.

I read this book 17th April '17

Author: Kate Scott
This book was about a boy called Anzo who just wanted to fit in. He started off in the story being short and just wanted to be taller so he would  be like everyone else. As the story went on Anzo grew taller but still felt like he didn't fit in. Through his love of drawing cartoons and a very good friend Anzo found happiness. I enjoyed reading this story.

Was read to me 12th February '17

Island: World Book Day 2017
Author: David Almond
Really enjoyed the book. It was very moving and thought provoking story. Louise had already gone though so much in her life, loosing her mother at a young age but what happens when she re visits Lindisfarne and meets Hassan takes them both on a journey together. I liked the setting and her powerful message of only living once! I would highly recommend this book!