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Was read to me 15th January '19

The Sea Saw
Author: Tom Percival
This story gave me chills! My girls loved the illustrations and it was a great size book to read together all huddled up.
The idea is beautiful, that if you lose something over time it works it’s way back to you again. It’s a wonderful idea and certainly makes it easier to relieve the pain of a lost treasured toy to think it’s working it’s way back to you.
Highly recommended to anyone that is sentimental! 

Was read to me 4th January '19

Goodnight, Bing: Touch-and-feel book
This is a very sweet short story for bedtime, where Bing gets settled down for the night.
My children really enjoyed this story as we read together this evening.
My 2year old followed the words as I read aloud, while my 6month old really enjoyed grabbing the pages for the different textured sections!
If you enjoy the ‘that’s not my..’ touchy feely series you will enjoy this Bing book too! 

Was read to me 30th November '18

The Chirstmas Selfie Contest
Author: Rosie Greening Illustrator: Clare Fennell
I love taking photos and my 2 year old has become one of those toddlers that use all technology she can lay her hands on like a complete pro (while I’m sat clueless as to how she does it!). With this in mind I had to pick up a copy of this book!
It’s a sweet story for the run up to Christmas mixing the fun of the season with the gadget driven world we now find ourselves in!

Was read to me 28th November '18

The Wonky Donkey
Author: Craig Smith Illustrator: Katz Cowley
I first saw this book on an internet video - I have to admit it is hilarious!
Such a simple story but impossible not to giggle when you read this with your little ones!

Was read to me 27th November '18

The Purrfect Pawse: A little book to help children pause, stretch and be grateful
Author: Avril McDonald Illustrator: Tatiana Minina
This is a very sweet short book, also included was a second story called “Stars in the night” which too was lovely.
Both remind us to take time to clear our minds and stretch our bodies.