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Was read to me 18th May '17

The Big Bird Spot
Author: Matt Sewell
My son loved this book very vibrant and interactive. He loved trying to spot the different animals in the picture and he usually forgets what we have read a few pages later but as it was short bursts of relevant information it stuck! Fantastic!

I read this book 12th March '17

Marge and the Pirate Baby
Author: Isla Fisher Illustrator: Eglantine Ceulemans
My son loved this book it took a long time to read as he is only 5 but he kept going back to it. I am so proud! He enjoyed it most because it made him laugh lots so im told. I also enjoyed this story.

Was read to me 5th January '17

Den Building: Creating Imaginative Spaces Using Almost Anything
Authors: Jane Hewitt , Cathy Cross
The cover didnt enthuse my two sons interest but i took it camping with us and my sons enjoyed the ideas it gave them out and about. 

Was read to me 6th November '16

Ollie's Christmas Reindeer
Author: Nicola Killen
Great illustrations but my child prefers lots of bright colours this has lots of lovely black red white and silver, I was suprised ollie was a girl as my son is Ollie so I expected it to be a boy. But great story and a pleasure to read. Would recommend as a gift to boy or girl of 4 or 5.

Was read to me 6th November '16

Sproutzilla vs. Christmas
Author: Tom Jamieson Illustrator: Mike Byrne
Good illustrations, great that it got my two boys to eat there Brussels sprouts with Christmas coming. Lovely bright colours and facial expressions for different feelings. Both my kids loved it. Great twist at the end!