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Wrote a Review 10th May '17

Book pages The Twits
The Twits
I read it to DylanC08 aged 8
 My favourite characters are the roly-poly bird and the monkey family. My favourite part was when the monkey family escaped and all birds the helped put the furniture in the Twits's house on, the ceiling.I didn't like the Twits.

Wrote a Review 10th May '17

Book pages Radio Boy
Radio Boy
DylanC08 read it aged 8
It was the best book I ever read. My favourite part about it was when Spike started the radio show, but I didn't like the beginning. It was very interesting although the beginning ruined it.

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Book pages Placeholder Book
Radio Boy
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8, 9 & 10
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5th Feb '17
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Wrote a Review 17th January '17

Book pages Wipe-clean Mazes
Wipe-clean Mazes
FinnC11 read it aged 5
This book is superb quality and durable. It comes with a wipe clean pen.
A fantastic idea for building manual dexterity and coordination. 
My son has really benefitted from having this book!