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Was read to me 19th June '18

Monty and Sylvester A Tale of Everyday Super Heroes
Author: Carly Gledhill
The illustrations are lovely and my five year old daughter was riveted throughout. It is definitely a book we will be reading over and over!

Was read to me 28th April '18

I am Squarehead
Author: Simon Frank Illustrator: Margrit Mulder
This book is such a wonderful book, not sure who enjoys it more, me or my daughter! It really shows how good it is to be different and the importance friendship.

Was read to me 28th April '18

Space Tortoise
Author: Ross Montgomery Illustrator: David Litchfield
My daughter really enjoyed this book. The illustratiins were really nice and it was an enjoyable read.

Was read to me 8th April '18

Oh No, George!
Author: Chris Haughton Illustrator: Chris Haughton
This book is a great way to open a discussion about making good choices and saying sorry. It is very open ended, allowing the child to guess what is happening and will happen next.

Was read to me 8th April '18

A Big Garden
Author: Gilles Clement Illustrator: Vincent Grave
This book is absolutely stunning! It's a huge hard back book, with beautifully illustratred pages, that take you through the months of gardening. It's a fantastic introduction for young gardners, I've also learned a lot from the informative text. It also has a 'wheres wally' style question on each page, allowing you to really study the picture. I honestly can't rate this book highly enough.