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I read this book 25th September '18

The 104-Storey Treehouse
Author: Andy Griffiths Illustrator: Terry Denton
I liked the part at the end when they realise that they didn't have to buy the jokewriter2000

Was read to me 27th August '18

The Bravest Ever Bear
Author: Allan Ahlberg Illustrator: Paul Howard
My son and I are HUGE fans of this book - although I can appreciate that some may find the non-traditional structure a bit difficult, if you get into the characters and try ''acting it out' with gestures and silly voices, it is enormous fun and goes down a treat! My son (7) often asks me to read it and still laughs out loud, particularly at my outrageous French accent

Was read to me 27th August '18

The Jolly Christmas Postman
Authors: Allan Ahlberg , Janet Ahlberg
Quite possibly the most charming and engaging Christmas book ever written.  This isn't just a book, it's an experience! Best enjoyed with plenty of time to dedicate to each surprise treat.  Especially magical for younger children although my 7 year old still asked for it again last Christmas.  This book would make the perfect Christmas gift if you're wondering what to get a young niece/nephew/grandchild this Christmas.

Was read to me 27th August '18

Alex Sparrow and the Really Big Stink
Author: Jennifer Killick
This book is a hilarious twist on the superhero genre. The writing is slick, witty and hugely relateable. I read it out loud to my son and his grandparents on a wet Sunday and we had the best time! Alex and Jess make a wonderful team and their dialogue is great fun to read out loud. 

Kids who loved David Solomon's 'My brother is a superhero' series, or the Hamish books by Danny Wallace will love Jennifer Killick's plot and characters.. 

This book is full of fart gags, pigeon poo and witty banter - FYI Parents should be prepared to explain what a 'Bad-A' is if reading to the younger crowd. 

Highly recommended, made us all giggle uncontrollably.

I read this book 16th August '18

Why the Whales Came
Author: Michael Morpurgo
I liked it because it was dramatic and my favourite time in history, around World War 1. 

I liked that there were some surprises and twists, you never know what's coming next. My favourite bit was when we found out The Birdman's name 

The birdman was underestimated and people judged him before they knew him. Big Tim is a lousy bully and not nice to anyone.  

I felt excited reading this book and urgent to find out more. I think anyone who likes adventures and the sea will like this story.