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Book pages Strawberry Sisters: Especially Amelia
Strawberry Sisters: Especially Amelia
Soph!e read it aged 12
This looks like it could be a very exciting series of books.  This one was delightful it is about friendship and sisters and Sophie enjoyed reading it. She can't wait for the others. 

Wrote a Review 31st July '16

Book pages The Cat in the Hat
The Cat in the Hat
I read it to Daisy aged 4
The book is about two children who are bored and just can't  find anything to do. 
Sally and her brother are home alone, their mother is out.  The weather is awful. They hear a knock at the door... a cat.. wearing a hat he claims he can cure their boredom and starts to perform a number of peculiar tricks. 
He has two friends accompany him thing 1 and 2. 
The book has a rhyming theme throughout and is a little bit silly but produced lots of laughs from my daughter. 

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Strawberry Sisters: Especially Amelia
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