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Was read to me 21st May '18

Jacky Ha-Ha: My Life is a Joke: (Jacky Ha-Ha 2)
Author: James Patterson
A fun book by a great Author well worth a read 

Was read to me 20th October '17

Supertato: Evil Pea Rules
Author: Sue Hendra
My little girl has read Supertato in school so was thrilled to have the chance to review this book. Evil pea is very naughty trying to freeze all the other vegetables but supertato comes to the rescue and with the help of his firery friends saves the day. 
An enjoyable book with fantastic illustrations. 

Was read to me 7th October '17

The Snow Lion
Author: Jim Helmore Illustrator: Richard Jones
Me and my little girl Megan loved reading this book, it's a great story of a little girl called Caro moving house and finding a new friend. She wished she had someone to play with. Then she found  the snow lion. Fantastic illustrations and a heart warming story well worth a read. 

Was read to me 1st October '17

Owl Babies
Author: Martin Waddell Illustrator: Patrick Benson
A classic toddler book, this is on the recommended reads for reception children in my daughter's school. Beautiful illustrations all the way through.

I read this book 1st October '17

Wipe-Clean Adding 5-6
Author: Holly Bathie
Fantastic book my little girl loves it helping with the introduction of early maths. Since starting in reception and looking at numbers a lot closer she has come home and picked this book up finding the wipe clean pages easy to use