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Was read to me 5th August '16

Dear Zoo
Author: Rod Campbell
For children just starting to enjoy looking at books. Working with children 4 and under this book always helps with gaining their confidence to come and sit and lift up the flaps, to talk about the animals with the older ones and make the animal sounds. After resting it a few times the children always tell me whats coming next. Overall a really lovely book.

Was read to me 7th June '16

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Author: Eric Carle
You cannot go wrong with this book from ages 2 to 6. The hardboard book is especially useful for the younger children. I read it with 2 and 3 year olds who liked to see what the caterpillar was eating. We then coloured some pictures of the food for our caterpillar (which we made from toilet rolls) so he too could eat some food!

Was read to me 3rd June '16

Something For Daddy
Author: Ted Dewan
One of my children at pre school is mad about Bing. When I showed him this book you would have thought it was christmas morning - his mouth opened so wide! Lovely colourful pictures and lots of opportunities to look at colours especially through the feathers. Would highly recommend it for little Bing fans.

Was read to me 27th May '16

Owl Babies
Author: Martin Waddell Illustrator: Patrick Benson
Lovely book for children 1 to 6 years old. Beautifully illustrated. Younger children enjoy looking at the pictures,the colours and big and little - size of the owls whilst with the older ones I have talked to about the owls - where they live, what they like to eat. This is a story I have read to children in my setting lots of times and they love to listen to it.