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Was read to me 27th January '19

Mini Rabbit Not Lost
Author: John Bond
The illustrations in this book really make the story come alive and there is a bit of humour in there too which is always a winner. My daughter loved it straightaway and I think she can identify a lot with Mini Rabbit especially in terms of liking cakes! If I'm honest though,  I wasn't overly keen on the sentence structure. The way it is written doesn't make sense to a 2 year old so I have to fill in the missing words so that she understands. But maybe this wouldn't matter to an older child. Overall it is still a great book. 

Was read to me 19th December '18

Stories for 2 Year Old Girls
This is a great book all about the adventures that little girls of this age get up to. Each character has her own personality and story to tell and so each little girl who reads it will relate to her favourite one. It is an American storybook so I had to slightly amend some of the words as I was reading it and also the last story is all about having a sister which has led to some questions from my only child! But none of these things are criticisms just observations. We both love this book and I will have to get the one for 3 year olds next year. 

Was read to me 19th December '18

Thank You for Being My Friend
Author: Penny Hewson Illustrator: Gill McLean
This story has a lovely message about friendship and its title says it all really. The characters are cute and funny for toddlers and my little one can really relate to how they see their world and the things that happen to them! We especially like the sound effects we can add to the story as we read it like the big clock or the horse's hooves as she gallops along. 

Was read to me 19th December '18

Guess How Much I Love You
Author: Sam McBratney Illustrator: Anita Jeram
This is a touching story about a baby hare who is trying to use his own words (and his imagination) to tell his parent how much he loves them. Every parent will relate to how the grown up hare responds. The pictures are beautiful and it is a perfect bedtime tale for my 2 year old. I struggle to read the last page though without welling up. 

Was read to me 12th November '18

The Very Hungry Caterpillar
Author: Eric Carle
We liked the attention to detail in this book as well as the story itself. There is counting and colours and holes to stick your fingers through! Lovely story and also a pretty good moral to the tale - don't eat too many sugary treats!