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Was read to me 18th March '19

William Bee's Wonderful World of Trucks
Author: William Bee
This is a beautiful illustrated book about William Bees trucks.
There isn't much of a story if that's what type of book you were after but it goes into detail all the different types of trucks and what they might be used for.

The illustrations are incredibly colourful and eye catching which engage with story. My little boy at first didn't quite understand that there was no story to Speak of but it gave us great discussions and starting points to talk about vehicles and their uses.

Was read to me 15th November '16

Oi Frog! Board Book
Author: Kes Gray Illustrator: Jim Field
This is such a funny  book both my little girl  and I enjoyed reading  it  as I found it funny too.  The rhyming  used within the book  is great  for the  fundamentals of  beginning to read.  Towards the middle of the  book my little girl was joining in  with  the words which was great fun.

Was read to me 15th November '16

Kitchen Disco
Author: Clare Foges Illustrator: Al Murphy
My daughter received this book as part of the book start scheme from school. They had already  read it within  her class  but she was very  excited to  have it read again to her by  us. 
It's a very catchy verse  used within the book  and the pictures are very engaging  describing what is going on within the book. The only issue I  had was there was no real story  in the book.  never  the less its a  lovely  book.