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Was read to me 13th November '18

Witch Girl
Author: Jan Eldredge
My girls were very excited to get started on this book but once I started to read it to them it was evident that the book was meant for an older child, my 2 asked me to stop reading it as they were scared, please don’t judge this book by the cover as it is scary and very gritty more suited for 10+ I would have thought, we will be saving it for a later date 

Was read to me 9th October '18

Mr Penguin and the Fortress of Secrets: Book 2
Author: Alex T. Smith
We loved this book so many twists and turns, my girls love the friendship between mr penguin and Colin, the story reads well and myself and my 7 year old took it in turns to read a chapter, the girls love all the illustrations and can not wait to read another mr penguin book, these books are a brilliant way to introduce a little mystery and detective work for the younger ones 

Was read to me 2nd June '18

The Bacteria Book: Gross Germs, Vile Viruses, and Funky Fungi
Author: Steve Mould
This book is jam packed full of facts, both of my girls loved the illustrations and I think we have all learnt something and it will be a book that we come back to time and time again, there are some things that they don’t quite understand so will be great to come back to it at a later date 

Was read to me 15th May '18

The Worry Box
Author: Suzanne Chiew Illustrator: Sean Julian
This is a beautifully illustrated book my youngest loved looking at the pictures as I read the story, the worry box ends up being shared amongst a group of friends who put their worries in the box so the worries won’t stop them having fun, a lovely idea, we will be making a worry box to help our little ones with their worries 

Was read to me 14th March '18

Peppa Pig: I Love You, Mummy Pig
Authors: Ladybird , Peppa Pig
My daughters gave me this as a mother’s day gift and my eldest loved reading it to us all, she enjoyed the story as it was all about peppa and George trying to do special things for mummy and realising that they need mummy pigs help all the time, it’s a nice story about how mummy pig is always there to save the day