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Was read to me 2nd February '19

First Baby Days: Bath Time: A book that changes colour in water
Author: Pat-a-Cake Illustrator: Mojca Dolinar
I had not come across a colour changing book before and was pleasantly suprised. Inside all the pages were without colour and as I put the book in water, the colour appeared. My older nephew was intruiged about how the colour changed and has since wanted to use it himself in the bath and has aptly re named it the magic colour book. It is very colourful and bright with minimum words and would be an ideal 1st bathtime book. My children both liked reading the book in the bath and they could understand the words and knew what the animals were.
The first time I used it, I noticed a bit of soapy residue when i took it out of the water but after usin again, I haven't noticed that problem.

I read this book 26th October '18

Pop-Up Peekaboo! Bedtime
Author: DK
We loved reading this book and looking under the flaps-it was like hide and seek! Aafia loved opening the flaps and looking at all the pictures. This book made her laugh when opening the flaps as those are her favourite types of books.

Was read to me 1st October '18

The Tiger Who Came to Tea
Author: Judith Kerr
I love Judith Kerrs book and I found this book alluring and kept my young children happy, even my daughter who has a very short attention span! I especially loved attempting to do tiger's voice and we all had a laugh about the greedy tiger. My nephew wanted to do tiger's voice himself and I helped him with the words. Hopefully, this book will be read many times in our household and I will look forward to reading more of this authors books.

Was read to me 17th June '18

Author: Kate Prendergast
This book was delivered to us wrapped up with a note, which made it all the more exciting to open. Whilst this book is non fiction, my daughters and nephew still enjoyed reading it and learning, especially the facts. Even my 15 month old enjoyed looking at all the different animals. My nephew,Dawoud, is four and loves to ask questions and learn new things, so this was perfect for him, as it had a suitable amount of information and facts. Though the cover was not very attractive, as I normally go for bright and colourful, this book did not disappoint and I will recommend to my friends and family.

Was read to me 1st June '18

Something Special Mr Tumble's Annual
Author: Egmont UK Ltd
My two year old daughter loves Mr Tumble so I jumped to get this book when i saw it. Mr tumble annual has many different activities that she enjoyed and I especially enjoyed reading the short stories to her as some of the words are replaced by pictures so she say what they were and feel as if she was reading with me rather than me to her. She also liked reading the picture alphabet and counting along the numbers. Some activities were a bit harder for her, such as the 'find the items on the page' but my 5 year old nephew helped her. 

This is definitely one of her favorite books!