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Was read to me 14th March '17

Daisy and the Trouble with Vampires
Author: Kes Gray Illustrators: Nick Sharratt , Garry Parsons
We found this story a bit scary but it was good to see that Daisy does not like Halloween. In truth we have yet to finish it as I think it is a bit too much got a bedtime story.

Was read to me 20th September '16

Dotty Detective and the Paw Print Puzzle
Author: Clara Vulliamy
Another great book from Clara Vulliamy. My daughter loves trying to solve the mystery and remembered the exact details of the story. We love the characters and the book stands rereading. The illustrations are fantastic especially as my daughter shares Dotty's love of stationery. 

Was read to me 19th July '16

Dixie O'Day on his Bike
Author: Shirley Hughes
The friendship between Dixie and Percy is in peril when a newcomer to the area encourages them to take up cycling. This is the latest instalment in the Dixie O'Day series and is one of the best. The pictures and text work very well together. 
There are moments of mild peril that my five year old worried about- she was upset that Percy was being ignored - but it all was sorted out quickly.

There are 7 short chapters allowing early readers to read this themselves in a week but it is short enough for an adult to read in one or two evenings.

Was read to me 18th July '16

The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name
Author: Sally Lloyd-Jones Illustrator: Jago
Am reading this to support Sunday School curriculum.  The stories are well told with an emphasis on seeing Jesus in all the stories. My only problem is that many of the most commonly known stories are not in here so we need another Bible as backup. A second volume would be great.

Was read to me 18th July '16

Amazing Animal Journeys
Author: Chris Packham Illustrator: Jason Cockcroft
A beautifully illustrated book that introduces the idea of animal migrations. My daughter loves nature books and this one on a single topic rather than a single animal was a bit different. Once read it had us running to the Internet to look at footage of these animals in real life.