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Was read to me 30th August '18

Old MacDonald Heard a Parp from the Past
Author: Olaf Falafel
We were excited to win this book as we love the original one - toilet humour goes down well in this house!
Sadly, we didn’t feel that this was nearly as good. It seems to be trying to give a trip through historical periods, but it is rushed and disconnected, in our opinion. It didn’t make us giggle like the first book. 
The illustrations are great and clear. 

Was read to me 28th April '18

Brain Teasers
Authors: Lonely Planet Kids , Sally Morgan
Thank you so much Toppsta, this book is packed with so many activities that we’ve been busy for hours! 
I would say that even my 11 year old has enjoyed some of them so it is a good family book. My 5 year old loves it but does need some support to complete aspects of it. 
There is a great variety of activities too which keeps interest and the way they are presented is fun. 
I am trying to hide it now so that what is left can be used on some longer journeys when we go on holiday! 

Was read to me 24th March '18

What's Weird on Earth: Our strange world as you've never seen it before!
Author: DK
What a fascinating book! 
I don’t know how many hours we’ve already spent pouring over this book learning tonnes of new facts and information, and we’re only part way through.
It has wonderful illustrations and pictures to support the information. The pages are laid out in fun ways to maintain attention and focus.
Now, time to get back to the book!

Was read to me 2nd March '18

The Pigeon Express
Author: Juanita Clearwater
Georgie won this book on World Book Day yesterday and we love it!
We love going to London so knew lots of the sites in the illustrations and what it is like to travel on the underground.
We loved the rhyme and rhythm of the writing, and the idea of a school for animals.
We’ll look out for pigeons when we’re next on the tube! 

Was read to me 1st March '18

Our Very Own Dog: Taking Care of Your First Pet
Author: Amanda McCardie Illustrator: Salvatore Rubbino
This book serves two purposes - it tells the story of how a dog meets it family and it’s adventires, and it gives lots of helpful facts for getting to know and looking after dogs.
The illustrations are detailed and fun.
It is a heart warming story and good to use with young children if you are thinking of getting a dog for the first time.