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Was read to me 18th April '18

Kitchen Disco
Author: Clare Foges Illustrator: Al Murphy
This is a great book with fab colourful illustrations and catchy rhymes. Even my 8 year old who often refuses to read picture books, enjoys reading this with his brother. Both my boys think the idea of fruit having a party whilst you're in bed is hilarious! 

Was read to me 18th April '18

Authors: Sue Hendra , Paul Linnet
We always love Sue Hendra's books and this was no exception! The book was bright and my 4 year old son thought it was really funny. There are lots of surprises and it was good for my son who learning to read as he could read many if the words. I think this would be a great birthday present given the central character is a birthday cake!

Was read to me 18th March '18

Author: Steve Antony
My 4 year old son loves this story. He spends a lot of time wanting to play computer games and this was a great way of a friendly character giving the message that there are so many other things to see in the world! Blip the main character is friendly and funny and a real hit with my son. He's just learning to read and this book was accessible for him to read some words himself 

Was read to me 12th November '16

Oi Frog!
Author: Kes Gray Illustrator: Jim Field
Another great book by Kes Gray - brilliant for helping kids learn about rhyming words in a funny and engaging way, with bright, fun illustrations 

Was read to me 12th November '16

Quick Quack Quentin
Author: Kes Gray Illustrator: Jim Field
One of the best books I've read with my kids! Quentin the duck has lost the "a" in his quack and he approaches lots of other animals to see if they'll give him one of their "a"s. My 3 year old is learning his sounds and letters and this book really helps with recognising sounds and letters as the book shows what happens to words if letters are missing or replaced - in a really funny way. Such a clever book!