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Was read to me 28th November '17

The Cave
Author: Rob Hodgson
We really enjoyed this book about a naughty wolf who tries to get the creature to come out of the cave. We loved trying to guess whether the creature would fall for the wolf's tricks. This is a great book to prompt conversations with little ones.

Was read to me 28th November '17

Have You Seen My Giraffe?
Author: Michelle Robinson Illustrator: Claire Powell
We loved this book. My daughter had us read it to her night after night. This is a lovely book about a girl who wins a giraffe. The illustrations are great and story provides some light humour before bed. 

Was read to me 2nd October '17

Yoga Babies
Author: Fearne Cotton Illustrator: Sheena Dempsey
This is such a lovely book to read with my daughter, I love that it’s a story incorporating some yoga for young ones to want to copy. My daughter likes to think she’s great at doing yoga now. 

Was read to me 14th August '17

The Very Silly Sheep
Illustrator: Jack Tickle
We bought this for our daughter to enjoy and I am so glad we did as she certainly loves it! It is a lovely, brightly coloured book showing a variety of farm animals going about their every day business. As you turn the pages the animals leap off the page as they pop out at you! This always results in a great amount of laughter and excitement from our 3 year old. The pictures are all really bright which captures her attention and the animals are very cute with big eyes and smiles so very appealing to young children.

The pop up work is fantastic, they are the best that I have seen as they are extremely effective. 

Was read to me 14th August '17

Daring Dinos
Illustrator: Jack Tickle
This was the first Jack Tickle book I bought for my dinosaur fanatic son and he loved it! The dinosaurs are great, big, colourful and really fun, even the T-Rex on the last page made him laugh. The rhymes on each page are great too, we like the hugging Anklyosauruses. A great buy!