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Was read to me 20th November '18

Alienated: Grounded at Groom Lake
Author: Jeff Norton
We thoroughly enjoyed reading this book ,especially as we enjoy anything about space and aliens. Plenty of twists and turns and a very riverting storyline thst kept us hooked til the end and we wished it never ended. I would definitely recommend this book .

Was read to me 15th November '18

Mess Monsters
Author: Beth Shoshan Illustrator: Piers Harper
Such a funny book yet thought provoking for my kids especially since they don't like to tidy up haha. Very colourful and eye catching. 10/10

Was read to me 15th November '18

Author: Beth Shoshan Illustrator: Jenny Arthur
This book is THE favourite of all my kids and the one book they really treasure. The story is funny and the illustrations are so colourful and appealing to kids. It's the book they recommend every child they meet reads. 1010

Was read to me 25th October '18

Big Ideas for Curious Minds: An Introduction to Philosophy
Author: The School of Life
We found a lot of the mini tasks inside brilliant for creating mindfulness and better behaviour in certain situations that often arise. The stories are more palliative for kids to digest and understand . We thoroughly enjoyed this book .

I read this book 28th September '18

Wish for a Witch
Author: Kaye Umansky Illustrator: Ashley King
I love the part were she got a job and bought the dog a sausage and the enchanted shoes that ran off.
I didn't like the fact that it kept repeating itself.
The character I love is nuisance the dog because he's so funny and looks like a mop.
This book is a brilliant adventure book.
The illustrations are throughout the book and quite funny.
This book made me feel in awe for the dog,happy for Elise for following her dreams and I found myself laughing quite often.