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Was read to me 24th January '19

The LEGO (R) MOVIE 2 (TM): The Awesomest, Most Amazing, Most Epic Movie Guide in the Universe!
Author: Helen Murray
Absolutely loved this book. The illustrations were amazing, very bright and stand little boy loves Lego and loves the films so it was great to learn all about the characters. This book really held his imagination from start to finish. It was really good fun and had lots of little things throughout for him to do. The book is extremely good quality and pages are very thick and it came with a lovely bookmark which as a nice touch. A very good book that we will enjoy reading time and time again. 

Was read to me 18th January '19

Oi Goat!: World Book Day 2018
Author: Kes Gray Illustrator: Jim Field
We’ve read all the other books and couldn’t wait for this one to be published, and it doesn’t disappoint. Another funny,well written colourful book that my son absolutely loves and reads every single night. These books have helped my son with his reading, rhyming and understanding of words as they hold his imagination. I highly recommend these books.

Was read to me 18th January '19

Oi Dog!
Authors: Kes Gray , Claire Gray Illustrator: Jim Field
Another great book in the series. It’s funny, colourful and the characters are hilarious my son laughed all the way which shows what a good read it is. It’s really well written and easy to read for my son who’s 5, he’s read it so many times it’s a favourite. You can’t help but fall in love with the characters.

Was read to me 18th January '19

Oi Frog!
Author: Kes Gray Illustrator: Jim Field
What a wonderful,funny entertaining book. The characters are really amusing and my son absolutely loved them and they really fueled his imagination. We love the rhyming which is great for his progression with his reading and has helped him no end with his words. A very enjoyable book I would recommend, Harry is 5 but I think any age would still enjoy this book.

Was read to me 22nd November '18

Night Windows
Author: Aart Jan Venema
This was a book full of surprises, we got this book in hardback and it was very colourful and held my 5 year olds imagination right from the start. It’s a story about a boy who is finding it hard to fit in with his new surroundings so finds a place to sit and observe. What liked was how the story unfolded through the child’s eyes how they saw the lives of others. It’s a very different read but a very good one, the writing was very small so not good for young children learning to read but great for adult story telling.
The illustrations are amazing and each page has plenty to see and even after reading the book a few times we still found new little drawings on each page. Overall we really enjoyed this book.