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Was read to me 2nd September '18

A Cat Called Panda
Author: Melanie Arora
A super cute nonsense book about a cat called Panda with the message that you are what you are. Even though the illustrations were not as bright as her usual books, my daughter really loved this and enjoyed the rhythm of the rhymes. She also adores cats so I imagine that was a part of it.

Was read to me 2nd September '18

Oi Dog!
Authors: Kes Gray , Claire Gray Illustrator: Jim Field
As fans of Oi Frog! We loved this book. I think it wasn't quite as funny as Oi frog, but my daughter loved the bright colours and the rhymes just as much and it was still a fun book with a witty ending.

Was read to me 14th May '18

I'm Not Sleepy: Helping Toddlers Go To Sleep
Author: Campbell Books Illustrator: Marion Cocklico
My daughter seems to like this well enough but it's not very engaging for her at the moment, maybe when she's a bit older (she's 16 months right now) she likes the flaps and the turning book but sometimes misses the flaps and is a bit busy for her to keep up with all of it.

I think this will be a bit better when she understands the message behind the bedtime story and will probably be quite helpful. The tips for the adults at the bottom didn't give anything new really though, so I personally didn't find it useful.

Lovely pictures though and a nice storyline, I really liked the twinkling stars.

Was read to me 14th April '18

Where Is Little Fish?
Author: Lucy Cousins
Super cute book. Lovely illustrations and little one liked the flaps. Short enough to keep her attention.

Was read to me 12th March '18

Rabbit's Nap
Author: Julia Donaldson
Nice little book with a good flow like all Julia Donaldson's books. My daughter loves the book and wants to read it over and over again. Some of the flaps are a bit hard for her to lift up though.