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Was read to me 12th January '19

Junior Jumble: Animals
This book has mix and match pages to make animals with silly costumes and a story to go with each. I think this book is a nice idea and one my daughter will grow in to, however at the moment it’s a bit above her as a lot of the words are quite complicated for the younger reader. 

Was read to me 12th January '19

This Zoo is Not for You
Author: Ross Collins
This book has a lovely rhyme and rhythm to it which is nice to read and the pictures are uncluttered and bold. However, it doesn’t hold my daughters attention very well, possibly because there isn’t much to look at in most of the pictures. For that reason, maybe it’s aimed at a slightly older child (my little one is 18 months). 

Was read to me 7th January '19

Maisy's Sports Day
Author: Lucy Cousins Illustrator: Lucy Cousins
I think maybe this book is aimed at an older child than my daughter (18 months) as there wasn’t as much for her to engage with as usual in Maisy books (just because she doesn’t know what a sports day is). However, as ever the illustrations are bold and fun and it’s just the right length for her to keep her attention. 

Was read to me 7th January '19

Sofa Dog
Author: Leonie Lord Illustrator: Leonie Lord
This is a nice funny book about a dog who just wants his sofa to himself with his human but unfortunately too many guests come calling! The illustrations are lovely and there are loads of things to spot in them - my daughter likes studying them. 

Was read to me 6th January '19

That's Not My Penguin
Authors: Fiona Watt , Rachel Wells
Once you’ve read one of these books, they’re pretty much all the same. Having said that, my daughter still enjoys feeling the different textures and the illustrations are bright and eye-catching. There’s a texture in this book (velvety) that we haven’t come across in any of the others yet too.