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I read this book 10th December '17

The Storm Dog
Author: Holly Webb
Tarran is my favourite character, because he helps save Mr Thomas by getting Tilly out into the field where Mr Thomas is hurt. He also gets the doctor's attention when Tilly is asleep in the hedge, by barking. He's a true hero!

A favourite part of mine was when Tilly, Eddie and Alfie are on the train being evacuated to Wales. I like it when Miss Jennings has seen the boys messing about and then Tilly tells them off. This is just one of my favourite parts. I found it difficult to decide, because I enjoyed all of it.

I rate this book TEN STARS (and that's not even possible!)

I read this book 10th December '17

Bonkers About Beetroot
Author: Cath Jones Illustrator: Chris Jevons
Penguin is my favourite character, because he says bonkers all the time and it's bonkers to have a penguin in a safari park. He is also very funny. Another reason is because I say bonkers a lot!

My favourite part is when the beetroot grows massive and zebra eats it and turns purple. I like this part, because it is so unrealistic and funny. Zebra is very nice with purple and black stripes.

I really like this book, so I'd recommend it to anyone. A great book for all ages and I will rate it 5 stars!

Was read to me 11th September '17

Dear Zoo
Author: Rod Campbell
One of the most memorable books I read to both of my children!