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Was read to me 14th September '16

Paper Boat for Panda
Author: Karin Celestine
This is a very appealing book both in terms of content and appearance. The book itself is quite small, just under A5 size with a pretty hard back cover. The story is sweet and original. The images make the book stand out. I've not come across a book quite like it before. The story is based on a toy panda so the images are based on photos of the toy panda enjoying aspects of his adventure. The story is dreamlike and positive. Another unique aspect of the book is the step by step pictures of craft activities at the back.. so every reader can recreate their own version of the tale!

I read this book 6th September '16

The Day Poppa Turned into a Star
Author: Tracey Lawrence
First impressions of this book were not good. The book is thin and flimsy, almost like a pamphlet you might pick up in the Doctor's surgery rather than a decent read... however the content has a lot of potential. The story is deigned to help young children understand and come to terms with the loss of a loved one. It's a sweet positive story. However i doubt we will read the book more than a couple of times largely due to the fact the visuals and layout are not at all appealing. The pictures are simplistic and overly bright. It's a shame because the concept behind the book is a good idea. 

Was read to me 20th August '16

English - Grammar and Punctuation Age 5-7
Author: Letts KS1
The most appealing and motivating thing about this book is the great visuals on each page. The book is less than 30 pages long, so can be completed fairly quickly. My daughter is 6 and she need constant support to complete the activities. Despite being suggested as a work book for 5-7 year olds I think that it is more suited to the higher end of that age bracket. Instructions for the activities needed explaining as there is quite a lot of text. This is not the type of workbook to present your child with if you want them to work independently although the sea animals and visuals are a great theme. 

Was read to me 17th July '16

Treats for a T. rex
Authors: Adam Guillain , Charlotte Guillain Illustrator: Lee Wildish
This book reminds me of the film 'UP'. There's the same sense of adventure with a cute little chap leading the way along with his doggy side kick. The book is ideal for bedtimes, leaving little ones inspired and ready to dream of far off lands and years gone by. The illustrations are wonderful, full of colour and really bringing the story to life. The text is rhyming which helps the flow and pace of the tale. It's even educational with REAL dinosaur names used throughout. I'd recommend this to anyone looking for a short, yet adventure packed bedtime story book, a must for any child with an interest in dinosaurs! 

Was read to me 23rd June '16

Not Enough for Queen Fluff!
Author: Rachel Lyon Illustrator: Catalina Echeverri
What a great book! Queen Fluff is as rich but lonely, she's also a bit snooty and rude! She visits all the bunnies in Bunnyville looking for a fancy place to stay. The poor bunnies take offence to this and present her with the stinkiest, scruffiest homes they can muster. I won't spoil the ending but rest assured an important lesson is learnt by all! 
Both my daughter and I thought this book was brilliant. Daisy particularly like Queen Fluff's reaction to all the unsightly dwellings (she is rather rude), and I loved the illustrations showing inside the bunnies burrows. 
A great rhyming tale, fun and quirky with a lovely lesson for us all to live by.