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I read this book 26th April '17

Mango & Bambang: Tiny Tapir Trouble (Book Three)
Author: Polly Faber Illustrator: Clara Vulliamy
This is a beautifully written book with adorable illustrations to boot. I have a daughter who is 6 and an advanced reader who still needs pictures so that her interest remains gripped within a story. This book ticked all the right boxes with pictures on most of the pages referring to the text that she had just read. It means that we can talk more indepth about the story and take a short break from reading making sure that she fully understands the story that she is reading. The story covers a wonderful friendship and how to make the right choices and what friendship really means. We will be following the other books in this series as I enjoyed the story just as much as my daughter. It really was a joy to read together. 

I read this book 26th April '17

Knights and Castles: Explore Amazing Castles!
Author: DK
This book is fantastic, brilliant pictures that accompany the script making it interesting with fantastic visual reference. My children are both learning about knights and Castles at school and this book was super to take into school and to use at home home. My daughter loved the questions which helped her to recap the things that she had learnt in the book. For my younger son the pictures made the book come alive and gave him a better understanding of the subject and of things that he had never seen before. A totally super book that will interest both children and adults and will help support learning at home.

Was read to me 6th March '17

Cave Baby
Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Emily Gravett
The whole family adores this beautiful book. The illustrations are stunning and follow the story wonderfully. The story is is jolly,fun & exciting and follows Cave Baby on a wonderful adventure with a mammoth family. The story skips along happily in almost a verse kind of script. Cave Baby is feeling board as his parents are very busy and he paints all over the caves wall (I think that we have all been there heehee). That evening he finds it hard to sleep and a mammoth takes him from his crib and gets him to paint wonderful pictures on his family cave. He has wonderful fun with the Mammoth and his family before being returned safely home where he dreams about lots of different animals. A lovely story that the children will ant to read again and again.

Was read to me 22nd February '17

The Bolds
Author: Julian Clary Illustrator: David Roberts
My 6 year old and myself read this book together and we loved it. The story is fast paced and so funny. Being only 6 and a brilliant reader, my daughter loved the the super pictures that accompanied the story. We loved the BIG HAIRY secret on page 40. You'll have to read it yourself to find out what it is heehee. Beautifully written with lots of surprises. We can't wait to get reading the next book. Perfect bedtime reading that both kids and adults will love. I would like to tell you more about the goings on in the story but I think that you and your munchkin should read this super story and enjoy all the surprises that come with it.x

Was read to me 22nd February '17

Room on the Broom
Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Axel Scheffler
This book is wonderful, beautifully illustrated with a fantastic story. You can't help but fall in love with each and every character in the book. The story flows with a wonderful bounce and such wonderful descriptions. This book will become a top favorite with both children and adults. I love reading this to the children and creating unique voices for each character that joins the others with the witch on the broom. This book is full of wonder and imagination and I know that you will learn the entire book off by heart just like me heehee. A wonderful adventure about finding lost things and meeting new friends along the way. A joy to read. Each character was enchanting and had their own super personality. A story of friendship, kindness and trust.