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Was read to me 12th May '18

The Story of the Little Mole - mini edition
Author: Werner Holzwarth
Persephone loves this story about a mole who goes on a hunt to find the animal who pooped on his head. He did not see the culprit but he has the evidence and he will find out which animal poos in that fashion! 

i guess a book with lots of poo and lots of animals is always going to be a winner! And would you believe we also have this book in Spanish so it is clearly a worldwide success with children everywhere loving a story about poo.

Strangely however it isn’t in bad taste and is actually funny, entertaining and dare I say a tad educational. Percy is a fan! 

Was read to me 5th May '18

Fuzzy Fuzzy Fuzzy!
Author: Sandra Boynton
Admittedly this touch and feel book is not designed for 4 year olds but Cece has loved it since the early days and still reaches for it regularly. The illustrations are lovely, the style hunourous and the end can take you right back to the beginning - it is a book that can be on perpetually repeat! A lovely addition to a preschoolers book collection.

Was read to me 30th April '18

Peppa Pig: Happy Birthday!
Author: Peppa Pig
This is a book about Mummy Pig's birthday and how the candles on her cake keep getting blown out by Peppa, George and then the wind. At the end they light up (in the book) and you press a button to hear happy birthday. Cece liked this interaction and chose and listened to the story but when I asked if she liked it she kind of shrugged and moved on to another book very quickly.

In my mind this is one of the better Peppa books and I thought Cece would really like it, but perhaps she is just getting too old for the famous Pig family.

Was read to me 27th April '18

Mrs McTats and Her Houseful of Cats
Author: Alyssa Satin Capucilli Illustrator: Joan Rankin
Mrs McTats does not have a big house but she has a big heart and every time a stray cat comes to her door, she invites them in to live with her. She gives each cat a name beginning with the next letter of the alphabet so her first cat is Abner and the last one Yodel ... you'll have to read the book to find out whether there is a Z!

This is a fantastic book - my daughter has always related to living with cats (we have 2 and all her family and friends have too!) and she finds it very funny that Mrs McTats keeps acquiring more - "It is like A Squash and a Squeeze" she tells me over and over "except they don't all go at the end!". It is also a gentle way to introduce her to the alphabet. 

With unforced rhyming narrative and beautiful, fun illustrations of all different manner of cats, this book is a firm favourite of both Cece and I. 

Was read to me 27th April '18

Amazing Animals: Fantastic Forest
Author: Tony Mitton Illustrator: Ant Parker
Initially I found this book a little boring. The illustrations were fun and the animals interesting but they were North American species that we don't see in the UK and there is no story - only facts about them written in rhyme "The graceful flying squirrel can float from tree to tree. Between its front and back legs are flaps for gliding, see?".

But as  i read it more and more to Persephone I realised she was really enjoying it. I remembered that children are sponges when it comes to information and she doesn't really care what animals she is learning about, she just wants to know more and be able to show off the facts she has learnt. 

The final page of the book is a set of illustrations of animals in the book that have been drawn but not mentioned and asks the reader if they found them. This is probably her favourite bit. She now knows where to find them on the pages but likes remembering their names - osprey, spruce grouse, crossbill etc - who knows this knowledge may well come in handy one day!