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I read this book 23rd September '18

The Midnight Gang
Author: David Walliams Illustrator: Tony Ross
I really liked the work David Walliams and Tony Ross have put into the book. I didn't really dislike anything. My favourite character was the Matron as she was very crazy and mad. The book is a mystery until you read it. The illustrations are very good as well as the front cover. This book was very fun and enjoyable.

I read this book 23rd September '18

Not So Normal Norbert
Author: James Patterson
I liked this book as it was really funny and exciting. The one thing that is missing is a bit more description.Most characters were nice and playful except for loving leader. This book has a mystery and an adventure. The illustrations were quite good as well as the front cover photo.This book made me feel like I was there next to the action and characters.