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I read this book 27th January '19

The School for Good and Evil
Author: Soman Chainani
This book is brilliant, especially if you love stories that have really good girl characters in them! I won this book to review and it was really good.  It took me about seven days to read as I kept wanting to read it every day.  There are two main characters called Sophie and her best friend called Agatha. I liked Agatha the best as she has a cat like me.  The girls are kidnapped.  One is taken to the school of evil but didn't think she should be there! I enjoyed reading the book as it was different to other books I read like Jacqueline Wilson.  I know there are other books in this series and I want to read those now too.  Thank you for sending me a new author to enjoy reading.  I would recommend the book for any girls aged 9+.  It would make a good present to buy for someone. 

Was read to me 16th December '18

The Daredevil's Guide to Dangerous Places
Authors: Lonely Planet , Anna Brett Illustrator: Mike Jacobsen
If you are looking for a different slant on a geography book then this could be your answer! Children are fascinated by information about tornadoes, volcanoes and storms, and this book does not disappoint.  The moment the book arrived by 9 year wanted to read it.  It's full of amazing photos of places around the globe that are 'dangerous' in some way or form.  My daughter loved the two main characters - 'they are really cartoony' - which added to the books appeal. Each double page provides lots of information, and gave a good insight to the dangerous place. My 6 year old needed help reading it, but particularly enjoyed 'snake island' and ' box jellyfish waters'.  It's definitely a book I'd have in the classroom too as it would be an enticing way of hooking a group or class for a 'violent earth' topic.  Excellent read, highly recommend for boys or girls. 

I read this book 18th November '18

Dork Diaries: Birthday Drama!
Author: Rachel Renee Russell
I loved this!  My favourite part was when Brianna makes dog bone shaped cookies and she finally makes it taste nice.  At the end it was a real drama fest because Nikki's friends think that she is going to the bad Boyz tour when actually she is going to Paris in July instead.  If i had to rate this book I'd give it 10 stars! Thank you for letting me review this book for you.

Mummy review - well, if the squeals of sheer excitement when this book arrived was anything to show how much my daughter wanted to review this book I knew she'd adore it!  My 9 year old daughter hasn't put it down, and read the whole book in 3 days.  Full of the usual BFF drama that the Dork diaries are famous for, my daughter laughed out loud at the girls' dramas, and loved the quirky illustrations.  I really like the fun and positive message the series of books promote - how it's ok to be yourself and not follow the 'in' crowd just to be popular.  My daughter has read every Dork diary at least 3 times...and more!  Lots of fun to be have reading this book, so I'd recommend this for girls aged 8+.

Was read to me 27th October '18

Timelines of Everything
Author: DK
Just simply - WOW!  This is a stunning book, another DK reference book that should be on any home or school book shelf!  I was very interested to see how many facts, figures, diagrams and timelines had been included, and I was certainly not disappointed.  It begins with timelines about the big bang / how life on earth started / dinosaurs, and finishes with  timelines about the internet / youth culture / the story of robotics.  It's jammed packed with other timelines, my children loved the 'the story of dance' - which was fascinating for my strictly mad daughter!, 'natural disasters' - my son loved the photos that accompanied the explanations about earthquakes and tornadoes.  I liked the fact that all of history is covered by a timeline in some way, which is very helpful for homework research projects, and when my children have a new interest in a historical period.  I also really liked the layouts of the pages; clear, concise, informative and eye catching - everything a DK book can be relied upon to be!  It's a two fold book - for children it's full of new information that is presented in a way that is easily accessible.  For adults it would make a wonderful reference book to use alongside new research.  In school it would spark off new questions and debates in a classroom or school library, definitively a book worth investing in.  For someone who loves history (like me!) it was incredible to look through.  I would certainly recommend it for aged 8 - adult.  Would make a wonderful Christmas or birthday present too.  A good investment for anyone with a natural curiosity in history around the world.  Would give it 10 stars if I could! 

Was read to me 4th October '18

Lift the Flap Engineering
Authors: Rose Hall , Alex Frith Illustrator: Lee Cosgrove
This book is full of very interesting facts, and I read it with both my 6 year old and 9 year old.  My 9 year old liked the flaps because she got to think about the answers before she read them.  She was especially interested in the bionic arm, and the ultrasound for the baby.  My six year old really loved the flaps - he thoroughly enjoyed discovery the pictures underneath! As a parent I liked the variety of information, rich and varied - plenty to aide discussions at home.  As a teacher I think it would be a perfect addition to any STEM material or day your school is having, it's full of potential! I'd recommend it for boys and girls.  Age wise I'd say 9+ to read in their own, 6+ to read alongside an adult.