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Was read to me 17th January '19

Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Author: Susanna Davidson Illustrators: Mike Gordon , Carl Gordon
Lovely story retelling the traditional story of Goldie Locks and her mischievous antics. 
Great illustrations to go with the story. 
A book that can be read again & again. 
Classic must have

Was read to me 17th January '19

The Paper Dolls
Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Rebecca Cobb
Lovely story about memories and the importance of keeping remembering our memories. 
The story is told with the aid of paper dolls which all have great names. The story has a continuous rhyming throughout it. 
Beautiful illustrations 

Was read to me 17th January '19

Dogs Don't Do Ballet
Author: Anna Kemp
Nice story about a dog & it’s special trick. The story explains how you must follow you dreams even if nobody believes in you. 
The illustrations are fabulous 

Was read to me 17th January '19

The Wonky Donkey
Author: Craig Smith Illustrator: Katz Cowley
This book is absolutely hilarious! Entertaining for children and adults. I love reading this to my children, we ended up in fits of giggles everytime.

Comical illustrations to match the story. 

We love the book so much that I have bought it for several gifts. 

Was read to me 20th December '18

A Pirate Christmas: The Nativity Story
Author: Suzy Senior
Wonderful heart warming story about the nativity told by pirates. Story is funny whilst getting an important message across.
The pirate lingo is funny and kept my two children entertained.

Lovely illustrations which compliment the story.

Great alternative to the usual Christmas stories