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Was read to me 15th October '16

Pass The Jam, Jim
Author: Kaye Umansky Illustrator: Margaret Chamberlain
I read this book to my boys a lot when they were small so digging it out in a room change I had to share it with Bambam.
Preparing for a party this fun book is full of silly rhymes and mischievous behaviour.  Jim never does manage to pass the Jam.  
All this kids I've shared this book with have found it hilarious and I still remember most of the words.

Was read to me 20th September '16

The Children's Book of Healthy Eating
Author: Jo Stimpson
Bambam really enjoyed reading all about food.  He has since became very hands on in the kitchen and loves using the star chart.  

Was read to me 4th July '16

The Bad Guys: Episode 1
Author: Aaron Blabey Illustrator: Aaron Blabey
Bam Bam absolutly loved this book.  It was very funny with fab pictures and he loved that the writing was all over the place and not like a standard book - he's going to be a comic fan I'm sure.
He says 'thank you very much and I like the story lots'.
Maybe more of a 'boys' book this is great for kids age 6 plus.

I read this book 27th June '16

Noggin the King
Author: Oliver Postgate Illustrator: Peter Firmin
I can read this book by myself.  It is a happy book so I like it.

I read this book 23rd May '16

Horrid Henry Early Reader: Horrid Henry's Nits: Book 7
Author: Francesca Simon Illustrator: Tony Ross
Horrid Henry is funny.  He gets nits and gives them to everyone in his class.  
I liked this book I read it with my aunty.  I like Horrid Henry on the telly and this book is like the series.