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Was read to me 19th March '18

Little Book of Nursery Rhymes
Amazing book filled with classic nursery rhymes. Both my 1 year old and 4 year old neice love this book. Bright colours, brilliant illustrations and even a page of actions to accompany the nursery rhymes. Glad it's a hard back is extremely well used in our house!!

Was read to me 9th March '18

The Bee Book
Author: Charlotte Milner
Amazing fun fact filled book. I read this to my neice and found it very did she. There are a lot of things to learn about our environment and the important work of bees. It is written in a clear concise way to easily understand and some brilliant illustrations 

Was read to me 8th March '18

The Bee Book
Author: Charlotte Milner
Amazing book!! Read this with/to my eldest neice and also her daddy

Was read to me 26th February '18

Row, Row, Row Your Boat and Other Nursery Rhymes
Illustrator: Dawn Machell
Brilliant book. All the nursery rhymes are classic so both children can sing along while feeling the pages. Each page has a different nursery rhyme with different things to feel and touch. Encourages the children to have a sing along and illustrations match the rhymes brilliantly 

Was read to me 23rd February '18

My First Gruffalo: Touch-and-Feel
Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Axel Scheffler
I didn't think the Gruffalo could get any better.....until I found this!! It brings a new dimension to the much loved story and my younger one found it more exciting having something to interact with. A hugely loved story anyway but the touch and feel aspect is brilliant.