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Was read to me 15th January '19

The Sea Saw
Author: Tom Percival
This is such a brilliantly written, emotive read. 
We admire Tom Percival’s work in our home and were very excited to read this. The young girl on the front cover is very fond of the teddy she’s holding but she sadly loses it. Teddy embarks on such a long journey. Will he ever reunite with his owner? 
Sometimes things that are precious to you may get lost but one shouldn’t lose hope as you may well find it again. 
Many children will be able to relate to Sofia and her fondness of teddy. 
A lovely read. 

Was read to me 8th January '19

You Can Tell a Fairy Tale: Little Red Riding Hood
Author: Migy Blanco Illustrator: Migy Blanco
Storytelling genius. Though this book may appear to look like another take on a traditional fairy tale, it's really not as it gives young readers the lead in becoming a great story teller. As you explore the book readers have the opportunity to answer questions and decide details of the story. It makes children think about story structure and the importance of adding great detail to make a story an engaging read. This book would be absolutely brilliant in a learning setting, not only for connecting to a traditional tale topic but also highlighting the magic of a great storyteller. It also makes for a rather fun group read aloud.
The illustrations are colourful and have a vintage feel reminiscent of books read as a child. An absolutely brilliant, interactive read based around a familiar tale.

Was read to me 8th January '19

Mae's First Day of School
Author: Kate Berube
A book that shares reluctant feelings about school but one that emphasises the importance of talk. 
Mae isn't alone when she objects to attending school and it turns out her friend and her teacher share similar feelings. What if nobody likes them? What if they are unable to answer questions? Thankfully a good chat really helps them all and they conclude in giving school a try. Always great to be able to openly talk about your feelings without being made to feel silly or that your worries don't matter. A lesson to us all. 
We love the illustrations in this book too.’

Was read to me 8th January '19

Goat's Coat
Author: Tom Percival Illustrator: Christine Pym
Goats Coat is a book my little ladies really enjoy. Written by Tom Percival, who we are big fans of, Goat's Coat is a lovely story about Alfonzo the goat who is so kind and resourceful using his coat to help other animals in need. The bouncy rhyming text makes a great read aloud and the illustrations are jolly and colourful. A great book to use when exploring friendship, kindness and just a delightful heart warming read. 

Was read to me 8th January '19

Matchstick Monkey: Colours: A finger-trail adventure
Author: Ladybird Illustrator: Lalalimola
Young readers can join some colourful monkeys as they all race each other in this fun board book. With glittery finger trails on each page for little hands to explore, this makes a great tactile read. You may recognise the monkeys as they are based on a teething toy called Matchstick Monkey. An inviting read all about colours.