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Was read to me 21st February '19

The Great Dog Bottom Swap
Author: Peter Bently Illustrator: Mei Matsuoka
This book is such great fun. Bought off the back of a recommendation from a colleagues daughter going as a character from the book for world book day last year, I don’t want to know what part she was though!  :D
My son is probably a little Young for it but enjoys the story anyway as it has such great rythmn to it.
It tells the story of why dogs have ended up sniffing each other’s bottoms! 
A silly book which I am going to recommend to everyone, I even made my partner listen to me read it whilst he was washing up! Love it :)

Was read to me 21st February '19

Dear Zoo
Author: Rod Campbell
We love this book, my son will choose it at least 3 times a week at bedtime.
He loves to guess the animal noises before he lifts the flap, it has been great for him as he now can make all the noises (apart from giraffe! What noise do they even make?!) 
It’s such a classic book that I remember from being small and I’m so glad that I can share it with my child too.

Was read to me 19th February '19

First Baby Days: Bath Time: A book that changes colour in water
Author: Pat-a-Cake Illustrator: Mojca Dolinar
This book came in a box which would make it ideal for a present.
My little boy really loves his baths and he loves bath toys, but he didn't have any books that he could take in the bath.
When dry, the pictures are black and white, with striking patterns, perfect for a small baby who is only able to see black and white! When plunged into the water, bright colours appear. If I am honest they are much brighter than i was expecting, which is nice!
I think that because my son puts the whole book in the water, so all the pages change at once he doesn't really get that each one is changing colour. I think I might try giving him a paint brush and a pot of water and let him 'paint' the colours on. 
This book is going to become a firm favourite at bedtime I can tell!

Was read to me 21st January '19

Dear Santa
Author: Rod Campbell
We are big fans of dear zoo in our house, so when I saw Dear Santa I knew we had to get it. It follows the same pattern as dear zoo does, however the last flap which contains the gift we kept was a touchy feely page! My little boy loves guessing what is behind the flap, and when we turn the page he always goes 'byebye!' love it :)

Was read to me 21st January '19

Where's Mr Lion?
Illustrator: Ingela Arrhenius
Lovely and bright, this book is a hit with my 2 year old. There isn't a story as such within the book, ie its 'where's mr lion?' 'there he is!' kind of deal, but the selling point for me is the fact the flaps are nice soft felt. They haven't ended up ripped or bent. My little boys favourite page is the last one as it has a mirror on it, and he loves peeking into it once he's pulled the flap down.