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I read this book 17th December '17

Double Act
Author: Jacqueline Wilson Illustrators: Nick Sharratt , Sue Heap
I really liked this book, I have lots of Jaqueline Wilson books that were my mum's when she was younger and this is one of my favourites. 

I like the fact it has got twins in it, I always wished I had been a twin. It is very sad that there mum dies when they are so young but they seem very happy at the start. Then in comes Rose who gets in the way and makes their whole life terrible! Well...truth be told I dont think rose is too bad actually, but I know how they feel when they have to move away. I have to move a lot and it is very sad, leaving all your friends behind. 

I'm more like garnet in that i'm shy and would not like being a famous actress at all - but I think it has a lovely ending because they get to be more independant and have their own dreams. It must be difficult having to always do what each other wants all the time! My fave character is garnett, I think ruby is a bit bossy!! I think that in the end rose and the dad are alright - they were a bit selfish in the beginning but I suppose it shows that everyone has to be happy or really no-one is happy are they? 

I think this book is aimed at girls and boys my age cos' some of Jaqueline wilsons books are aimed at teenagers - mum wont let me read those ones. This is alright though and it wasn't too sad and it had lot's of bits in it that made me laugh!


I read this book 17th December '17

Night Of The Living Dummy III
Author: R. L. Stine
I borrowed this book from my school library. Boy is it scary! I like to be scared but even still... I read this when my mum was downstairs way before bedtime!!!

I liked all the characters but the mum and dad annoyed me because they didn't listen to what they were being told! They didn't believe all the scary, bad stuff was the dummy and kept blaming the kids! 
The attic room full of the dummies was really creepy and weird! I thought it was super scary when the dummy came back out of the well where it was dumped! I don't think I would be brave enough to have gone up to the attic, in the dark and confronted the evil dummy!

I thought the plot was very scary although a bit unbelivable at times! I did enjoy the story but I did think the ending was a bit mean, they shouldn't have given the horrible dummy to their cousin - even if he was annoying and a bit mean at times!

I would definetly read a goosebumps book again! 

I read this book 17th December '17

Author: Roald Dahl Illustrator: Quentin Blake
I loved this book! I am a big Roald Dahl fan and this is one of my favourites! I liked the way the story began, with Sophie in the orphanage. The way the witching hour is described is really creepy!! I was a bit scared when she got snatched but was really glad when the BFG turned out to be nice. I liked the fact she was somewhere nicer than the horrible orphanage. I didn't like the other giants though! They all seemed vile to me and  I would be very scared if I met one! 

My favourite bits of the book were when: Sophie and the BFG were whizpopping! I also loved it when the BFG and the Queen met, I thought it was really sweet and funny. I also really liked the ending, how the giants were captured and then put in a big hole! They really deserved it for being so "rotsom" as the BFG would say!

I liked the way the BFG talked, sometimes I knew what he meant straight away - other times me and mum would sit and talk about what he might mean! I also really liked the pictures, they were funny and sad and sometimes a bit scary! I liked the way the BFG gives children nice dreams too, and I loved it when he told Sophie all about the dreams he had caught!!

p.s snozzcumbers sound awful to eat!!