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Was read to me 4th May '18

i-SPY Butterflies and Moths: What Can You Spot?
Author: i-SPY
This was a very interesting pocket sized book all the children enjoyed this it was a book we took with us when we were travelling and it was quick to read and very convenient. Fab book for fans of nature of butterfly's. Anaya is a big fan. 

Was read to me 30th September '17

Word of Mouse
Author: James Patterson
we give this book a massive 5 as we loved it. It has took us this long since we won the book to read but it has been great we have read a few pages every day and cut it put it down ever it is lovely and very gripping all the kids got involved and were drawn by the book.

Was read to me 4th August '17

Kid Normal
Authors: Greg James , Chris Smith Illustrator: Erica Salcedo
where do i start i cannot recommend this book enough!! I loved it myself and the kids even more!!! 
Being normal is not a thing that everyone is aware of and what even is normal. The storyline of the book is brilliant !!!!
The children could really relate to the boo. Our favourite character has to be the main - murph or as his brother says Smurph face 
not so kind. We read this book over a couple of days as it was summer holidays and it was one where we got so engrossed and the kids wanted to read the end :)
Murph was not finding a place in school and when his mum did find him a place they thought he could fly !!! Yes and thats all we are going to tease for you give it a read!!!

Was read to me 18th July '17

My Brother's Famous Bottom Makes a Splash!
Author: Jeremy Strong
My kids described the book in 7 words
Funny, funny, funny and even more funny.
It is definitely a catchy book for the little ones and really humerus and they love Nicholas that is he character in the book. They loved this due to experiencing a similar experience on our holiday

Was read to me 18th July '17

The Mice of the Round Table 1: A Tail of Camelot
Author: Julie Leung
The books is soo well suited. Jam packed with adventure both my boys and daughters loved it. To begin with the front cover is what gripped us so much to wanting the book. The story involves Calib This is the mouse and Galahad. We had loads of fun reading this a couple of pages every night and it kept building he suspense up and drawing us back to the book