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Was read to me 20th December '18

The Bear Who Stared
Author: Duncan Beedie Illustrator: Duncan Beedie
A good message it is trying to teach kids.

My kids find it funny how he just kept on staring but found it sad when the other animals were getting angry at him.

The frog helps the shy bear with what to do. 

Was read to me 8th December '18

The Paper Dolls
Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Rebecca Cobb
Very lovely book about a girl who plays with her paper dolls which her mother helped her made.

I never read this type of book to my children and it was a first for me as well.

It had a nice flow to the storyline 

Was read to me 8th December '18

The Snowflake Mistake
Author: Lou Treleaven Illustrator: Maddie Frost
Very magical and stunning book with illustrations which are very eye catching.

The snow queen is tough and has high manners and ellie loves to play around.

One day the snow queen has to go on a duty and leaves ellie in charge.

The sun goes away and it all turns grey and ellie shouts out snow and what should she do. 

I liked all the describing words and it really drawed the attention of my children.

Was read to me 19th November '18

Benjy Bunn's Busy Day
Author: Bev Scott Prior
Colourful book with words which stand out and i really like the illustrations in this book

Was read to me 22nd October '18

Author: Carol Thompson Illustrator: Carol Thompson
short and sweet book about the wind and lovely pictures showing how the wind does what it does