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Was read to me 11th December '18

Hey, who's in the loo?
Author: Harmen van Straaten
This book was absolutely brilliant, funny storyline and funny characters, my daughter really enjoyed the story and the illustrations are gorgeous 

Was read to me 27th November '18

A Very Corgi Christmas
Author: Sam Hay Illustrator: Loretta Schauer
We loved this book, my daughter loves Christmas and loves books that feature Christmas as a theme, she also loves palaces and dogs so this book is perfect for her, we loved the storyline and we enjoyed learning about London and it's sights, we love Belle and my daughter loves the illustrations and the way the cover sparkles In the light 

Was read to me 17th November '18

In the Night Garden: Snowy Day
Author: In the Night Garden
My youngest loves this book as shes a huge in the night garden fan! My eldest loves it cause it has snow in it (she loves snow and Christmas) 

Was read to me 6th November '18

I Need a Wee!
Author: Sue Hendra
This is a great book, my three year old picked it out herself as she found the title funny, she laughed the whole way through the book! It's great for teaching my three year old to go to the toilet on time 

Was read to me 4th November '18

Mummy Time
Author: Judith Kerr
We love this book, it's a fascinating insight to how a child's mind works and how an adults mind works, lovely story and lovely illustrations