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Was read to me 30th July '18

Alan's Big, Scary Teeth
Author: Jarvis Illustrator: Jarvis
My 3 (nearly 4) year old daughter loves this book.
She loves the fact that Alan is 'naughty' at the start being scary, that he has false teeth and that he learns to be kind.
I liked the length and opportunity for expression while reading it as well as the post read discussion that scary things are not always as scary as they seem and the fact that a crocodile is called Alan!
The rhythm of the story, while reading aloud, is easier in some parts than others, but the illustrations and colours (with the story) are appealing to young readers (listeners).
My 8yr old nephew read it to my daughter recently and he giggled at the thought of a crocodile with false teeth!

Was read to me 30th July '18

Ants in Your Pants!
Author: Julia Jarman Illustrator: Guy Parker-Rees
My 3 (nearly 4) year old daughter loves this story - firstly and probably most importantly its about pants and secondly she understands the storyline and likes it that they learn to be kind to everyone.
As a the reader it is just the right length and plently of scope for expression for my daughter the pictures match the story well and are colourful and interesting.  My 8yr old nephew recently read it to her and his 5yr old brother  (chosen by her as one of the three he agreed to read) and all three enjoyed it so not just for the younger ones...

Was read to me 2nd January '18

The Secret of Black Rock
Illustrator: Joe Todd-Stanton
At the start my daughter lost interest in this story (even though my husband and I enjoyed reading it to her) but after a while her concentration improved and she understood longer stories and soon was asking for it to be read to her.
The book itself is quite tactile with different textures and interesting pictures that are fun to talk about with little one.
The magic to this story is not only having a brave young girl as the main character but the extra conversations about sea-life and conservation that you wouldn't usually have with a three year old!
When a book with lovely illustrations and exciting plot creates interest in a little person it is so much more than just a story...

Was read to me 27th June '17

Sky Private Eye and the Case of the Runaway Biscuit: A Fairytale Mystery Starring the Gingerbread Boy
Author: Jane Clarke Illustrator: Loretta Schauer
A cute story - my little one is just beginning to understand longer stories and this held her attention with the simple story and nice illustrations.
As a parent is was pleasant to read and not too long for bedtime! 
It hasn't become a favourite yet but I'm sure that with time it will become an 'asked for' book

Was read to me 24th April '17

Kiss Good Night, Sam
Author: Amy Hest Illustrator: Anita Jeram
We have just started reading this with our 2yr old - she enjoys it.  It is a one of the books she asks for.The bedtime build up is good as we act out some of the actions - obviously she loves the kisses goodnight.
The story is simple and 'cosy' making sure Sam can go to sleep.  The only 'problem' is that our daughter, instead of being ready to sleep at the end, is asking for 'Kiss Goodnight Sam' again and again...