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Was read to me 16th March '19

The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch (40th Anniversary Ed ition)
Author: Ronda Armitage Illustrator: David Armitage
Fantastic story about Lighthouse keeper who lives with his wife in a cottage and every day his wife sends him his rather lavish lunch through cable wire sistem. One day some seagulls discover the lunch and eat the whole lot. Husband and wife team tries out numerous solutions to avoid seagulls eating the lighthouse keeper's lunch before finding a solution  that succeeds.
It's such a humorous story with fantastic illustrations.

Was read to me 16th March '19

Kipper: Kipper's New Pet
Author: Mick Inkpen
Kipper the dog is one our favourite character in our household. My daughters enjoyed reading about kipper and the hamster he brought for his friend as birthday present. 
It's such a lovely story with charming illustrations.

Was read to me 9th March '19

Cave Baby
Author: Julia Donaldson Illustrator: Emily Gravett
Charming story with fabulous illustrations. It's a story about a cave baby who is bored and starts to paint the cave of a variety of animals. 
The colourful illustrations and rhythmic flow of this book make it an interesting and enjoyable read to everyone.

Was read to me 1st March '19

The Hug
Author: Eoin McLaughlin Illustrator: Polly Dunbar
A beautifully narrated story about two animals and their struggles to find their soulmate. Hedgehog was feeling sad but no one want to comfort him because of his prickly prickles at same time tortoise was feeling the same and no one wants to give him a hug either because of his hard shell. They found each other in the end . 
Such a heartwarming story with beautiful message . " There is someone for everyone " 
My daughters enjoyed  this story with me and love the fact that you can read the story either way. 

Was read to me 24th November '18

Emily Brown and Father Christmas
Author: Cressida Cowell Illustrator: Neal Layton
Absolutely delightful picture book . Emily Brown and her  rabbit, Stanley are  on a mission again. Helping Santa and delivering Christmas presents. My daughters said they love Emily Brown and her imaginations.  A magical story with fabulous illustrations.