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The Octunnumi Fosbit Files Series

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    The Octunnumi is a new YA fantasy fiction phenomenon!

    Described as “invitation into a world that doesn’t exist”, the Octunnumi is an epic fantasy series that reveals hidden worlds, worlds within worlds and definitely NO magic...

    The prologue Fosbit Files is the introduction to these worlds and the peoples that inhabit them, and leads the reader into what promises to be a 12 volume series.

    This debut novel by Trevor Alan Foris was originally published independently as an ebook in 2018. The new print edition has impressed the YA book community with its sprayed black edges and gold lettering and beautiful packaging. It even contains its own glossary that also acts as a bookmark. This dictionary or “definitionarys and pronouncerys” helps readers navigate the Tarelen language scattered throughout the book. 

    For an even more immersive experience, there is also a free Augmented Reality companion app for the book. This is an intriguing and labryinthine story for teens and young adults.

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    Book 2
    Book 2

    The Octunnumi (Ock-tun-uh-mee): Fosbit Files

    The Octunnumi does not exist.   Fosbit and any files relating to a Fosbit do not exist.   The Tarelen peoples that p... More

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