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Young Bond: Blood Fever


James Bond has discovered danger. Now it's come looking for him.An Eton boy's family disappears at sea.James uncovers a shadowy society operating in a hidden corner of the school.And far from England, in the bandit-infested interior of Sardinia, a sinister Italian count has built himself a mountain fortress. Is there a connection?Young Bond is about to find out - and face a lethal group of villains beneath the burning Mediterranean sun.

Publisher: Penguin Books Ltd
Format: Paperback
Published: 5th April 2012
Number of Pages: 400

ISBN-13: 9780141343389

Age Ranking
  1. #868 of 1211 books for 10 year olds
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6th September '16
I read it to Jim-bob aged 10
Young Bond: Blood Fever 9780141343389
5 stars
My son loved the first book in the young bond series and this the second book didn't disappoint. There is plenty of action and references to the adult James Bond books. We continue to follow James in his school and trying to uncover what has happened to a school friend. This will take him into the centre of Sardinia and a mysteries Italian count. There is lots of action in this book and is perfect for my action loving son. (We read this as an audio book)
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