Book pages The Last Book Before Bedtime

The Last Book Before Bedtime

Author: Illustrator: Nicola O'Byrne

Everyone knows that the very last story before bed is the best story of all. But the problem is, everyone wants to be in that very last story! A familiar fairy tale is turned topsy-turvy when Cinderella hijacks the story of The Three Little Pigs, then Little Red Riding Hood jumps in, adamant that her story is better because it's full of danger. And then the Big Bad Wolf turns up too! But disaster strikes! Uh-oh! What will they do? The reader is still awake and needs a story! The characters make up their own story, of course, and one with enough funniness, romance, danger AND cake (obviously) to keep everyone happy.

Publisher: Nosy Crow Ltd
Format: Hardback
Published: 4th January 2016
Number of Pages: 48

ISBN-13: 9780857634283

Age Ranking
  1. #1090 of 1825 books for 2 year olds
  2. #1878 of 2085 books for 3 year olds
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26th May '16
I read it to LewisT aged 2
The Last Book Before Bedtime 9780857634283
5 stars
Really enjoyed this funny mixed up book of stories. I loved that it wasn't what you expected, the illustrations and sayings are both cute & funny!! My little boy loved looking at the pictures & throughly enjoyed me reading it all to him - a longer book than some of his usual bedtime stories but he loved it! As did I - another fantastic book - definitely recommended!!! 
I will definitely be buying books from this author in future... I've already spotted one that I think my son will love!!
8th June '16
I read it to Malakhi aged 3 & to Jakobi aged 3
The Last Book Before Bedtime 9780857634283
4 stars
My three year old twin boys really enjoyed this book.  They loved that characters from other well known stories were brought together Cinderella, little red riding hood and the 3 little pigs in one story!!
The illustrations are super. fantastic book would definitely recommend
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