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An exciting new relaunch of Ted Dewan's Bing books - resized and beautifully produced for the next generation of toddlers - paving the way for Bing's TV debut in 2014.Ted Dewan has created a series that focuses on the dynamic between toddler and parent, and that speaks to them both equally, about life as a toddler and life with a toddler. With short, repetitive texts, bold, bright artwork and appealing characters, Bing offers both parent and child an enjoyable reading experience and a simple, reassuring guiding principle - that, whatever happens, it's just a Bing thing, a normal occurrence, and nothing to get upset about.Bing is making something for Daddy. He loves his daddy as much as he loves making shiny, feathery, sparkly things. But Bing will have to be very careful with that big bottle of goo...

Publisher: HarperCollins Publishers
Format: Paperback
Published: 8th May 2014
Number of Pages: 32

ISBN-13: 9780007515400

Age Ranking
  1. #87 of 1823 books for 2 year olds
  2. #133 of 2085 books for 3 year olds
  3. #439 of 849 books for Babies
  4. #860 of 1540 books for 1 year olds
  5. #1317 of 2308 books for 4 year olds
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31st May '16
I read it to melinak aged 1
Something For Daddy 9780007515400
5 stars
This book is fantastic, lovely to read to ny daughter as she loves the colours in the book.
2nd June '16
I read it (an adult) , to IRE aged 4 , to TAME aged 2 & to PFE aged 6 months
Something For Daddy 9780007515400
5 stars
So I have a massive Bing fan in this house and he cannot get enough of this book. It's bold and bright and best of all it's full of Bing and Flop. In this story Bing makes a shiny, feathery, sparkly, sticky, gooey thing for Daddy and he has an accident with the "goo". 
My little boy definitely gives the book five stars. However, I am not particularly keen on it as there isn't much story. Also I think some of the words are a bit dubious, for example, I'd much rather it said "glue" than "goo" - but perhaps that's just a Bing thing! 
Basically if you have a Bing fan you really can't go wrong with it and even my four year old seemed to enjoy it.
3rd June '16
I read it to Meadows aged 2 to 3
Something For Daddy 9780007515400
5 stars
One of my children at pre school is mad about Bing. When I showed him this book you would have thought it was christmas morning - his mouth opened so wide! Lovely colourful pictures and lots of opportunities to look at colours especially through the feathers. Would highly recommend it for little Bing fans.
27th October '16
I read it to Ivy aged 3
Something For Daddy 9780007515400
5 stars
We love Bing on CBeebies so I knew the Bing story books would be a hit. Love the pictures in this book and the story is all about Bing making something for daddy with the help of flop. Lovely fun story and my daughter loves the SPARKLES page.
27th October '16
I read it to Sjs aged 3
Something For Daddy 9780007515400
5 stars
My little boy loves bing, and loves all of the bing books, the pages are bright and colouful and reminded us of the episode where he made a picture for sula.  It's easy to follow and we love that it has the similar words and phrases that are used in the programme 'it's a bing thing' 
26th May '16
I read it to LewisT aged 2
Something For Daddy 9780007515400
5 stars
We absolutely love Bing & this book was no exception!!! Love the pictures & the little story which is similar to the episode 'something for Sula' with a little added.
Huge Bing fan
19th July '16
I read it to Brobee aged 3 & to Toodee aged 2
Something For Daddy 9780007515400
5 stars
So, as a family of Bing fans, we love this story. It's bright, simple and follows similar themes to other Bing stories. My girls like the fact that Bing's making a card for Daddy and they like the huge words that accurately say the sounds of the glue, etc. I quite liked the questions at the end as it made us have a chat about the story. Good for you, Bing Bunny!
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