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Shadow Magic


In a world ruled by six ancient Houses of Magic, a girl and a boy
begin an epic and dangerous journey of discovery . . .

After her parents' murder, 13-year-old Lilith "Lily" Shadow rules
Gehenna from Castle Gloom, an immense and windowless citadel. Once
Lily's ancestors commanded spirits, communed with the dead, and
raised armies from out of the grave. But now her country is about
to be conquered by the Shadows' ancient enemies - the Solars,
the lords of light.

Thorn is a peasant boy, wily and smart, sold into slavery and desperate
to escape. So when he's bought by Tyburn, executioner to
House Shadow, he'll agree to just about anything - even to serving
Castle Gloom for a year and day in order to earn his freedom.

When Lily is nearly poisoned by a ruthless and unknown assassin,
she and Thorn embark on a dangerous quest to save Gehenna, a weird
and wonderful land of haunted castles, mysterious forests and an
unforgettable giant bat. Together they must unravel a twisted plot
of betrayals, pride and deadly ambition.

Publisher: Scholastic
Format: Paperback
Published: 6th October 2016
Number of Pages: 400

ISBN-13: 9781407172088

Age Ranking
  1. #31 of 1211 books for 10 year olds
  2. #120 of 755 books for 11 year olds
  3. #145 of 1549 books for 9 year olds
10 Book reviews
31st October '16
Alisha read it aged 10
Shadow Magic 9781407172088
5 stars
I like the twists and turns its a very good story I think my cousin would like it too who is a year younger.

I think the cover looks a bit scary and because of this I don't know if I would have picked it in a library.
2nd November '16
Ellanor read it aged 10
Shadow Magic 9781407172088
5 stars
I thought this book was EPIC .... better than Harry Potter
My favourite people in the book were Lily & Thorn
I really enjoyed this story book, it was full of twist and turns and a whole load of magic & mystery
I did feel sad for Lily losing her parents to murder at such a young age but felt a lot happier once she had met Thorn and they had each other
I could not predicted what was going to happen during this story which kept me reading and not wanting to put the book down
I was sad when I finished the book as I wanted to keep reading it
Ideal story for both boys and girls
12th January '17
Madina read it aged 11
Shadow Magic 9781407172088
5 stars
I love this book so much i read it 3 times. Amazing story and the characters. Never a boring moment. Recommend it to everyone 
12th December '16
I read it aged 9
Shadow Magic 9781407172088
5 stars
I think this is a great book. There was never a boring moment in it, which made me read it from cover to cover. The story line is quite bold, but it has magical twists and turns during every chapter. 
It is also a fab story for people who love a good mystery (myself). It really gets your mind working hard to try and find the suspect...
This book is amazing, and I would recommend it for people my age and above.
13th November '16
I read it to CameronB aged 9
Shadow Magic 9781407172088
5 stars
This was a very good book. I was hooked right from the beginning. Had a excellent story line and I found it to be very fast paced. Never a boring moment.
13th November '16
Lydib read it aged 10
Shadow Magic 9781407172088
5 stars
I love this book and i'm really excited to read more from this series. Its set in a fantasy world, full of magic mystery and darkness. I love the cover, it doesn't give much away and i had no clue what this might be about until i started reading. The characters Lily and Thorn are great, they have a really great friendship. There is lots going on in the book i was never bored and couldn't put it down. I would recommend this to kids my age and think adults would enjoy it too.
3rd November '16
I read it (an adult)
Shadow Magic 9781407172088
5 stars
This was a really good book. I love how it went into different perspectives between Thorn and Lily. It has a very interesting story line which made it nice to read and I found myself hooked after reading the first two chapters. The magic, bravery, selflessness, and overall literary genius shines through well in this book and I totally recommend it to others.
28th November '16
AJH read it aged 10
Shadow Magic 9781407172088
5 stars
Thorn is a world of danger, and as an outlaw's son it can hard to find a place in your enemy's castle.  Castle Black has been the home of the Lord Shadow and Lady Shadows for generations. When a rival house called  Solars want to join forces with the Shadows, they begin to take over Castle Black. After her parents murder, Lily Shadow takes the title of Lady, and  she realises that the Solars are only here so they can destroy another house called the Sultan of Fire. A book of adventure always draws my attention and this was certain an adventure book that did this. I really enjoyed this book and it is on my favourite book shelf.
6th December '16
Elliemai read it aged 9
Shadow Magic 9781407172088
5 stars
I enjoyed this book because it was very exciting. This story is about a girl called Lilith and a boy called thorn. Thorn is self to an executor and Lilith suddenly becomes ruler of the kingdom when her parents are murdered. This book is set in a magical world 
My favourite character was lilith shadow because she was very confident. 
The part of the book I enjoyed the most was when Lilith was attempting to do magic 
5th December '16
I read it to Jim-bob aged 11
Shadow Magic 9781407172088
4 stars
This book is one for all fans of adventure and mystery and one that My son is enjoying (we haven't finished yet) The characters are interesting and it is a well written book with plenty to keep you interested. Cant wait to find out what will happen to Thorn.
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